The ColVelo Collective – 2015 Membership.

It’s been a little while in the planning, but we are very pleased to announce we are now taking payment to formalise your membership to the ColVelo Collective.

When we set out in October of 2014, we wanted to make this club all about the ride, and to build something that we felt the local cycling scene lacked a little. An outlet for those not fired by racing or expensive sportive rides. At ColVelo we wanted to fill our calendar with a multitude of rides and events (some of these in collaboration with Velo Cycling & Coffee, our good friend and ride hub.) Which we hope will mean our members never find themselves too far from something in the diary that would fire the passion to get out on the bike.  And of course, plenty of high quality routes and club run action for those who can’t get enough of it!


While winter is not for everybody, we’ve built a committed following of a hardy few, and we are maintaining regular correspondence with those who have liked us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter. Our website is the place to find out about events and read our latest ride report or blog entry. All the while ensuring that when the weather gets a little better, we’re set and ready to welcome and inform new members of what’s going on, and continue to provide the most interesting and varied riding in the area.


Many of you attended our official launch at the Velo! Christmas party and will be aware of many of our bigger plans, including some destination cycling and long distance adventure/touring rides, but you may also have got a chance to discuss with Will and myself some of the other aims for 2015. Check out our blog post which gives some more details on this.


For 2015 we are charging a £25 subscription or a £10.00 secondary subscription for members of other clubs in the local area. This discount excludes affiliation clubs such as Audax UK or the CTC etc. We hope the secondary membership will entice those people who wish to join us on rides out and be involved with events in future, but do already have a primary club in the area. With many established clubs locally, we’d like to pre-empt feedback that this membership fee is too high and not in line with others.


With 2015 being our inaugural year, there has been a considerable outlay to affiliate ourselves to British Cycling and ensure that things are “done properly” – making sure that when our group rides run, The ColVelo Collective is covered in the event that the untoward should happen. This was done with no members and no membership base to fund start-up.


All monies received will be pushed back into the club and into events and activities throughout the year. We’d hope for 2016, we will be able to bring our subscription fee down, and fall in line with other clubs as our membership base swells and these cost become less of a factor. But to do this we need support from our regular riders and all friends of ColVelo so far. So if you’ve joined us on a ride, are a regular on our rides or intend to be a regular on our rides just as soon as that sun appears again, here’s how to become an official member of the Collective for 2015.


Pleas email and provide the following information;

  • Full Name 
  • Contact telephone number
  • Return email address
  • Postal address for receiving your membership pack.
  • Emergency contact details (Name and Tel No.)
  • For those seeking the secondary membership, please provide details of your current club and membership. 

We will in turn reply with bank details and instructions for you to pay your membership fee.

Membership will run annually from 1st March each year.


Many of you will have seen our new kit design on display at Velo! This will be exclusively available to members of the ColVelo Collective. Our first three week ordering window will open in late March to ensure enough time to get our first members signed up.

Kit company Kalas who are making our garments will be joining us at Velo! Cycling and Coffee for a fitting evening on Wednesday 4th March. They will have all the garments we’ll be offering for you to try on. For those unable to make the fitting evening, don’t panic. This wont be an evening for purchasing. We’ll be sure to keep the membership in the loop about how to order the kit, just as soon as our storefront online is live.

Again, we want to thank those riders that have joined us to date for their support and we look forward to hearing from you and welcoming our first official members.


Many thanks,


Will Morgan and Rob Harwood – The ColVelo Collective.