Club ride formats as of August 2016

Some observant members may have taken note that recently we have been experimenting with ride formats – roll-out locations and times, distances, paces and routes. This is to ensure that we maximise the enjoyment for all members, no matter their wants and abilities. Therefore we have devised a loose ride structure which we hope will give enough variety in riding, a focal point of Colvelo, whilst providing the certainty required in order to plan around busy lives! The changes below will take effect as of August 2016.

Roll outs will be from Caffe Nero on Culver Street until further notice. Saturday rides will depart at 0830, and Sunday rides 0900 without fail. This gives people a guarantee that a ride in any guise will be taking place at this place/time unless noted otherwise. Monuments and super-long rides planned in advance may start earlier, but this will be made abundantly clear.

Saturday club rides will be the classic Colvelo rides, with a focus on the club’s central aim – longer days out exploring the quiet arteries of East Anglia. This could include a transit ride to Norwich, a loop up to Aldeburgh, or perhaps even “Fleche Colchester”, a nod to the Ardennes classic races which seeks every incline the area has on offer. There will be a variety of terrains, distances and paces on offer to cater for all tastes.

Sunday rides will alternate every weekend. The Coffee and Canvas series will remain, offering rides at a leisurely pace ranging from 35-50km in length. This will be supplemented with a more traditional Sunday Club ride, from 50-100km at a slightly brisker pace, in order to give a platform for riders progressing from their C&C outings.

There will also be a concerted effort to maintain advertised paces on rides, which is the responsibility of the ride leader and regular members.

We hope that the new structure gives folks enough diversity whilst also giving the certainty of what’s on offer that particular week. All rides will be posted via Strava and then promoted on the Colvelo FB group. Hope to see you on the road!

Words by Liam Hendry