Saturday 14th February 2014.

Saturday saw a shorter than usual ride at 58km total distance. With spring just around the corner, we are keen to open up our rides to those that may not have been toiling away through the winter so far, and those who may find the longer distances at this time of year less appealing.

With positively tropical conditions forecast for late morning (8 Degrees Celsius) We congregated at Velo! for our ritual of pre-ride coffee. We were lucky enough to welcome a few new faces prior to our 0830 roll out.

Interesting and varied routes on roads you may not have ridden, is central to the way we plan our rides at ColVelo, but this can often be a struggle over reduced distance when having to factor in the exit and return to the centre of Town. But Saturdays ride bucked that trend, and we took in some classic sections of local road linking up some of the more rolling areas that surround Colchester to the north.

The Group concertinaed at times, but always getting back together atop of hills or at the end of a more spirited section. The only deviation from this was the roll into town from Eight Ash Green, where it was every man for himself as a light shower and heavy town traffic precluded us remaining as a group.

Something a little different, that seemed to be enjoyed by all. In the coming weeks as we approach spring, we’ll be running shorter rides in amongst our popular long distance outings.


Sunday 15th February 2015. 

Our first big ride of February was planned for 150km, but some mid ride searching for a coffee stop, and the distance travelled to reach the start of the ride nudged most riders over 162km and another early season imperial century.

Blessed with more great weather, this ride turned into something of a classic. Riding out to some new roads to the north east of Needham Market, we travelled over roughly 80km of scenic, traffic free, quality terrain. Picking up an ‘Out of Towner’ in the Village of Somersham we rode as five for three quarters of the ride. Billed as a touring style ride, this was a chance to work in some decent early season kilometres at a friendly pace. Some sections were more brisk that others, but for the most part this was a full day out riding at a steady clip.

At our Velo! rendezvous pre-ride, there were some nerves in the air with a few rides having been out of the saddle for a little longer than they would like, and some lingering worries over festive over indulgence!? But this was soon banished as we rode out in bright sunshine and light winds.

We’ve received feedback to date that some of our advertised rides are a little long. We fully appreciate that a whole day in the saddle isn’t possible for everybody from a logistical stand point, and we’ve taken this on board. We will be running some shorter and varied rides in the coming weeks. Check out this coming Sunday which is 50km of Road/Cyclo-X action!

But if you’ve been tucking the kilometres in quietly by yourself, but are apprehensive about  joining one of our longer rides. Get in touch. We’re happy to talk and let you know about routes that are planned and rides you may enjoy. Setting your stall out for your first foray into some longer rides is more confidence than it is ability. You’ll surprise yourself.

Hope to see you out soon.